Cargo Survey Services By SKS-M Company

The process of transporting goods of any category must go by maximally accurately and cohesively as this moment directly affects the safety and condition of the cargo at the time of arrival. Incorrect stacking of cargo increases the possibility of its damage during transportation. In order to avoid this, you will certainly need survey services in Russia provided by SKS-M, whose professional experts always ready to make an expert assessment of the cargo condition at all stages of its transportation. We guarantee the quality of our work!


Survey services and their contents

Qualitative control over the cargo safety is carried out by specially trained experts – surveyors who carefully study its features and available documentation, conduct its measurements, calculate the safest blocking and bracing and additionally capture the process in a photo or video so that the customer can be sure that his cargo is sent in accordance with all the rules. Such cargo inspection is a necessary measure, as it done under the supervision of a specialist and largely protects the cargo from loss or damage.

Survey services can provide control of the following stages of transportation:

  • Pre-shipment cargo inspection.
  • Loading and unloading supervision.
  • Tallman care.
  • Cargo stowage, fastening and quantity control.
  • Determination of cargo quality and the sampling process control.
  • Control of the presence of seals.

Definition and drawing up of related documents on the type of cargo damage if any, its quantity or its absence.

Surveyors work independently and compose a detailed report for the client, which sets out a sequence of events, confirmed by photographs. Such a report is an indispensable document if the goods are still lost, and the presence of such a witness as a surveyor guarantees the most rapid and fair resolution of the conflict.


SKS-M survey – your reliable partner

As a general rule, the concept of “cargo survey services” includes a whole range of activities, consisting of a primary cargo inspection, checking all labels and the integrity of the packaging, opening the container and taking samples, if necessary. Then the specialists observe the loading process and control stowing. Furthermore specialists check the status of the documentation for the goods, including the Tallman sheet, and also inspect the transport carrying out the transportation.

We have many years of experience in providing such service in a wide range of commercial activities. Survey services in Russia provided by SKS-M, are distinguished by quality and scrupulousness, which is reflected in the surveyor’s report, provided to customers. Choosing us, you trust the company that conducts its business with the largest suppliers from Russia, Europe, and China.

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