Survey service from the company SKS-M in Moscow

Профессия сюрвейер - это независимый эксперт компании СКС-М в Москве

Survey – is an examination or an inspection of something. In modern realities, this activity covers a wide range of areas of production and transport processes. Survey service from the company SKS-M in Moscow means the elimination or prevention of disputes and claims between interested parties. This is done through expert assessment and compilation of relevant documents by our specialists.

What is the point of a Survey?

A survey estimate allows you to insure against the occurrence of unreasonable claims from any party, to optimize the transportation process. If the survey services are ordered by the owner of the cargo, it guarantees him:

  • careful monitoring of each stage of the transportation process,
  • obtaining of operational information on the condition of cargo,
  • obtaining professional advice from a specialist in minimizing losses.

The presence of a surveyor during loading, transportation and other manipulations with the cargo disciplines the workers of loading terminals, because the third-party control always improves the quality of work, reduces the loss of time and money due to laziness or negligence of loaders.

The Surveyor can also represent the interests of the customer in an arbitration court as a witness or an expert, since he is the third independent party and has documentary evidence of the state of the assessed object.

Now in Russia, surveyor’s services are used by banks, insurance and forwarding companies, trade and transport organizations, marine agencies, ship owners and even private individuals.


Survey services

Surveyor services may include the following elements:

  • Preliminary inspection of the property condition, which is required to be insured or deposited as a security. Inspection includes collection of information on the history of property, condition, storage conditions, etc.
  • Inspection to prevent damage and theft of property that is a subject to insurance or security deposit.
  • Monitoring the movement of goods and property, that is subjects of pledge.
  • Determination of the quality of goods in order to establish its conformity.
  • Sample selection.
  • Description of the damage to the insured or pledged property, detection of hidden damage through third-party testing centers, laboratories and experts.
  • Assessment of property damage, as well as the cost of its possible repair, realization or disposal.
  • Preliminary checks of the condition of warehouses and warehouse equipment for compliance with the requirements for storage of specific goods.
  • Services for monitoring and management of warehouses, control of loading and unloading operations.
  • Inspection of storage conditions for goods and property.
  • Inspection of vehicles for suitability for the carriage of goods.
  • Information and consulting support, issuance of recommendations, etc.
  • Consulting services, assistance and expertise in case of disputes and claims from any of the parties.

All this will allow you to avoid claims and disputes that may arise between all interested parties.

Our services are used by companies from Russia, Europe, Asia and other regions of the world.

Survey services from the company SKS-M in Moscow is an expert assessment carried out by professionals who have many years of experience in conducting such activities.


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