Surveyor quality examination of vegetables and fruits

The survey company SKS-M specializes in the field of fruit and vegetables, so we can rightly talk about the expert knowledge of the industry. Profile education, experience and impartiality in assessing disputed situations – surveyors in Moscow from SKS-M Company can reliably determine the diseases, time, nature and the amount of cargo damage. Large suppliers and sellers of fruits and vegetables all over the world know the SKS-M Company as an experienced and professional surveyor.


Distinctiveness of the Fruits and Vegetables Survey

Several contractors, carriers, and several vehicles can take part in transportation of one shipment. Throughout the journey of such a delicate cargo as fruits or vegetables, the numerous conditions of the storage must be strictly observed. If neither the carrier nor the insurance company is interested in recognizing the possibility of damage, the intervention of a competent and trusted third party is necessary to resolve the disputed situation. The survey company SKS-M has been providing such services for many years, and all participants of the transport and logistics chain have confidence in the conclusions issued by our experts.

Fruits and vegetables belong to the category of perishable goods, which require strict observance of the rules and conditions during:

  • Harvesting,
  • Sorting,
  • Washing,
  • Laying,
  • Packaging,
  • Storage and transportation.

Often the supply chain from the producer to the final recipient does not fully comply with all the necessary requirements and conditions, which can lead to loss of presentation, total or partial damage to the goods, the appearance of diseases of fruits / vegetables, shortages, both in quantity and weight, etc. It is very important to comply with the requirements of the correct marking of commodity spaces, which is also not always fully met by suppliers.

In international trade practice, it has become normal for a supplier to be in one country and a buyer in another; the goods are shipped from a third country (or at least from another city) and accepted in a fourth country or city other than the buyer’s location. Under such conditions, neither the supplier nor the buyer sees the product, while the goods themselves, as perishable, can significantly change their properties in the course of their delivery.

In order to protect the risks due to the loss of the goods value for any reason, we recommend that suppliers and buyers, as well as all parties entering the fruit / vegetable supply chain, engage an independent third party – the survey company, to check and document the state of the goods during the transfer of ownership of goods from one side to another, which will allow timely detection of poor-quality goods and accurately determine the degree of responsibility of each party.


Survey services by SKS-M and our advantages

The survey company SKS-M has a wide network of experts not only in Russia, but also in other countries. Our experts have many years of experience and specialized education, which is confirmed by state diplomas on training in the field of commodity management of food products. Our experts have a constant practice in the field of examination of fruits and vegetables; not only they can identify poor-quality goods, but also determine the type of disease or damage to the goods, as well as the cause of the damage and, under certain conditions, the guilty party.

After the inspection a survey report is issued reflecting the state of the goods, packaging, sealing, temperature, labelling, etc. The report is confirmed by the photo-data, which records every step during the inspection. For many years of practice surveyors in Moscow from SKS-M Company earned a reputation of a surveyor company that professionally performs inspections of fruits and vegetables, with a high level of quality based on international standards. Therefore, survey reports from SKS-M Company are recognized by suppliers and buyers from all over the world.

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